jewelry thailand shopping bangkok phuket World biggest jewelry store, we have 6 chain branches located in the heart of 4 major city

   Sawasdee Kha, Welcome to World Gems Group Our creation team have a good background knowledge of gems stones and skillful craftsmanship give our customers advantage beyond the competitive price. For our years experience with strongly team of design, we offer a new creative and full furnish designs each month.
During you coming, we will preparing a "welcome drink" for serving you with warm greeting from our professional staff awaiting taking you for tour our shop.

We have more than 250 trasportations with free of charge for round trip Take you within 15-20 minutes from the central city.

    - We are serving you a free transportation service with under vehicle as follows;
    - We have a Big Van 12 seat. ( New Toyota Comuter )
    - We have a VIP Van for 9 seat.
    - we have a bus for taking group. ( Our Bus contracted )
    - we have professional staff more than more than 1000 peoples.

    We have a lifetime gaurantee with a certificate from our shop, we received the international ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000 certification, we have a certificate of GIA also.

    We are a leading Gems and Jewelry store company providing the best service and quality of all gems That's why World Gems Group have win in this business and the customer around the world trust us. We act the business likes your partner, we reach more people all the corner of the world and the leading companies visit us every year. World Gems Group has become the best place where visitors to Thailand do not miss to visit our gems and jewelry store.

Our service providing creation of piece such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings etc. Some other piece is a master piece including a high quality of precious stone such as diamon, sapphire, ruby, emerald etc and we have the craftmanship on duty to create your instant design so that you would be accept a high impress with our service and product.

    Our professional team and our technology can serve all our customers inquiry needs and ensure that every perfect item on highest standards of quality and have specific needs met. Our store is a top of the tourist destination, and all make it easier for visitors to choose and own beautiful gems. No matter when you visit, you can ensure that you will get the beautiful products and good services.

Our store office section have a high technology laser welder machine and advance Computer Gold Check up of our expert Gemologist, everytimes you visit and also our demonstration workshop is allow you to see how the production of jewelry in Modern World. Our store is a member of Thai Gems and Jewelry Trades Association of Thailand and the Thai Chamber of Commerce. " Get Special price for your own direct booking to our Transportation"


FREE!! transfer service from hotel to our store and return to hotel
PLEASE Call : 02-877-9781 , HOTLINE : 081-449-5592 Ms.Jessy
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